Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy From Your Lebanon, MO, Optometrist

You can treat many vision problems with corrective lenses or surgery, but your optometrist may recommend vision therapy when your visual skills are weak or lacking. Butler Eye Care in Lebanon, MO, is here to explain what vision therapy is and how it can help your vision needs.

Vision Therapy

What Is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is a progressive optometry program that helps achieve comfortable and clear vision by building visual skills. Visual skills include, but are not limited to, the following:

•             Hand-eye coordination

•             Eye-tracking

•             Convergence, or how the eyes work together

•             Accommodation flexibility, or the ability to focus on objects at different distances quickly

•             Visual memory, or remembering words or images that you have seen

•             Peripheral vision

•             Depth perception

•             Visual motor skills

Your optometrist works on these visual skills with you to improve your visual ability.

What Is Involved in Vision Therapy?

Your eye doctor customizes your vision therapy to suit your individual needs. Your eye doctor will typically have you do eye exercises and use the following resources:

•             Prisms

•             Eye patches

•             Balance boards

•             Therapeutic lenses

•             Filters

•             Computer-based therapies

These tools and resources help improve visual comfort and assist patients in enhancing vision skills and changing how visual information is processed.

Who Should Consider Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is often beneficial for children who show the following signs:

•             Reversing letters and numbers that are similar

•             Difficulty spelling or reading at their grade level

•             Poor reading comprehension skills

•             Poor handwriting

•             Poor depth perception

These signs may indicate your child cannot see or process visual information correctly.

Adults can also benefit from vision therapy. Ask your optometrist if they recommend vision therapy if any of the following are true for you:

•             Your eyes take a minute to adjust to the distances of objects.

•             You have headaches after reading.

•             You notice your depth perception or hand-eye coordination is off.

•             You tilt your head or close one eye to see correctly.

•             You get motion sickness.

•             You notice double vision.

•             You have trouble following a moving target.

•             You lose your place while reading.

Your eye doctor can help determine if these signs are due to your visual skills. They can then customize a vision therapy plan to improve your vision.

Visit Your Lebanon, MO, Optometrist for Vision Therapy Today

Vision therapy can help improve your visual skills to give you better overall vision, so contact Butler Eye Care in Lebanon, MO, to get the care you need to see vividly again. Call us and schedule an appointment with our optometry team at (417) 991-3200.

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