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As a person gets older, there is a chance of getting cataracts. They are very common in the elderly. People who are in their 60s or older are likely to get them. Luckily, with the advancements in optometry laser surgery, the treatment for cataracts is excellent. Cataracts can be removed easily in the eye clinic. There is no reason to suffer from cataracts and the limitations they cause from poor eyesight. Get the cataract surgery you need from an optometry specialist at Butler Eyecare in Lebanon, Missouri.


Symptoms of Cataracts

Cataracts may be caused by an injury and exposure to radiation; however, these causes are very rare. Most cataracts are simply part of the natural process of aging. Over time, the lens in the eye gets cloudy. When cataracts become noticeable, it is a bit like looking through a dirty window.

Other symptoms include the fading of colors and having trouble seeing at night. A person who has cataracts make have them in one or both eyes. He or she may experience blurry or double vision, have trouble seeing clearly in bright light, and may see a halo around bright lights.

Optometry Treatment of Cataracts

Cataracts cannot be cured; however, they can be easily removed. The surgical procedure is conducted in an outpatient clinic. They can be removed in a single session. The patient goes home the same day. Within a few days, the patient will be able to see normally. To be safe, for a short time they need to avoid being outside in bright light or looking directly at the sun. 

It may take a bit to get used to the newly found sight; however, most patients are delighted because they literally can see again clearly for the first time in possibly years. Corrective lenses are used in glasses to make up for the missing natural lenses that have been removed from the eyes. This restores vision nicely.

The success rate for cataract surgery is almost total. There are rarely any complications, although they are possible. The laser surgery equipment used to make a tiny cut in the eye is so precise. The lens is gently removed through the tiny cut, which is then sealed. The disturbance to the eye is minimal, which is why the recovery from cataract surgery is very fast.

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If you are experiencing cataracts, you will probably know it. They feel like something is blocking your clear view. Do not be shy about getting them removed because the surgery is a terrific thing to do to restore better eyesight as you get older. To get some great advice about cataracts, make an appointment to see Dr. Cylinda Butler at Butler Eyecare serving Lebanon, Missouri and the surrounding communities that include Camdenton, Marshfield, and St. Robert.

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