Glaucoma Treatment

For people to adequately take care of their vision, it is important to make sure that they get their annual eye exam on time every year. There are numerous benefits that come with this annual screening. This provides the optometry team with an opportunity to identify problems with the eyes that might arise before symptoms show up. This can go a long way toward saving someone's vision. One of the conditions that the team is going to look for is called glaucoma. This is a serious disease that can progress quickly if not detected. The helpful team from Butler Eye Care is here to explain to everyone in the Lebanon area why screening for this condition is so important.


What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a serious eye disease that can rapidly progress to blindness if not checked quickly. In glaucoma, the pressure behind the eyes is going to start to build. As a result, there is added pressure pressing on the blood vessels, nerves, and other important structures. If this pressure continues to build, the nerves behind the eyes are going to start to suffer as well. When these nerves start to fail, people will start to notice changes in their vision. This might include dark sports and blurry vision. The goal is to catch this dangerous eye disease before it gets to this point. That is the goal of glaucoma screening from the team at Butler Eye Care.

How is Glaucoma Detected?

When someone comes into our office for an annual eye exam, there are several ways that we are going to address the issue of glaucoma. During the course of the exam, we are going to use a special monitor to check the pressure behind the eyes. Some people might be nervous, but this monitor is painless and will simply move very close to the eyes. if the pressures come back elevated, we are going to check for other signs of glaucoma. This might include dilating the eyes and looking at the optic nerves directly. We want to make sure that your eyes are in good health.

Trust the Experienced Team from Butler Eye Care in Lebanon

It is important for everyone to make sure that they are taking proper care of their eyes. One of the conditions that the optometry team will test for is glaucoma. For all vision and eye concerns in the Lebanon area, rely on Butler Eye Care. Our experienced team will do a thorough job of making sure that any and all conditions are considered. Please call us today at (417) 991-3200 to make an appointment. We are here to provide comprehensive eye health services to you and your family.

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