Low Vision

Though they are not legally blind, the vision in people with low vision is very poor. Eyeglasses, contact lenses, surgery, or medication won't significantly improve it. Our optometrist at Butler Eye Care in Lebanon performs eye exams and offers help for living with this condition. Many people with low vision can't recognize faces. They can't read a newspaper or a book without a reading aid, such as a magnifier. Their inability to distinguish colors or see a TV or computer screen clearly is also common.

Low Vision

Causes of Low Vision

Our optometrist in Lebanon, MO, explains that glaucoma, cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy are some of the diseases that may cause low vision. Some people are born with it: those with optic nerve damage or albinism. Injuries to the brain or eye and some inherited diseases may also trigger it.

Types of the Condition

Central vision loss is one form of this condition. It limits people's ability to read and see nearby objects. Another variety is peripheral vision loss. Night blindness or being unable to see in low light and blurred vision round out the types of this condition.

The Low Vision Eye Exam

The low vision eye examination is different and longer than the traditional dilated-eye exam. Our optometry specialist takes a complete medical and visual history of the patient. The eyes are examined. Our eye doctor, who is a specialist in optometry, asks about the patient's lifestyle. For example, does the patient read, cook, work, study, or travel?

Assistance to Help Patients Lead a Good Life

At our location in Lebanon, MO, our eye doctor makes suggestions that may help individuals live well with low vision. These may include large print editions of books and magazines. Patients may need to rely on family and friends to drive them places.

Help Outside of Family and Friends

Some patients may require rehabilitation services. This may involve getting household help and transportation services. Additionally, people may need employment and job training or access to the latest vision-aiding technology. Our eye doctor points them to resources. Patients may require special training to help them live as independently as possible.

Our optometrist emphasizes the importance of patients staying involved in the associations and activities they love. Therefore, to help lessen any possible emotional distress over low vision, some patients may be encouraged to join support groups or seek counseling.

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