Common Eye Injuries

Common Eye Injuries That Our Optometrist Can Help Treat

While some common eye injuries are mild and heal on their own, injuries such as deep puncture wounds from an accident may require optometry care and treatment to prevent permanent eye damage or vision loss. It is sometimes difficult to tell when an eye is injured or whether the injury is serious. That is why you need to see an optometrist who will examine your eyes and provide treatment. If you are worried about an eye injury in Lebanon, our optometrist at Butler Eyecare can help you take care of your eyes and promote a healthy vision.


Common Eye Injuries

Most injuries happen at work, home, or unusual places like in vacations or tours where you engage in uncommon activities. In simple terms, anything can hurt your eyes. Fortunately, most eye injuries are preventable and treatable. However, if too damaged, the eye may not be saved, and you may end up being blind. The most critical part is to recognize the common causes of eye injuries. They include:

  • Blows to the eye, like punches
  • Contact sports
  • Flying pieces of objects
  • Chemical splashes

If you suspect eye injury, particularly from the above causes, visit our eye clinic as soon as possible for optometry care. We always advise against self-treatment as it could worsen the situation.

Symptoms of an Eye Injury

  • Trouble seeing
  • Pain that won't go away
  • Eyes that do not move the same way
  • One eye that sticks out of its socket further than the other 
  • There is an object or small material under the eyelid
  • Cut or torn eyelid
  • There is blood on the clear part of the eye

What to Do If You Have an Eye Injury

Our eyes are great at protecting themselves from foreign material. That is why they close involuntarily when they are exposed to unusual or harmful substances. However, we may not be lucky when foreign objects or other toxic substances get into the eye. The best way to take care of the situation is knowing what to and what not to do. If you suspect an eye injury, you can try the following:

  • Avoid rubbing the affected eye
  • Blink severally to produce tears to flush the object
  • Wash the eye under running water to get rid off the object
  • Contact an eye doctor to make sure everything is okay

Contact Us Right Away If You Have an Eye Injury

Eye accidents are quite common and can happen in the blink of an eye. If you are worried about an injury on your eye, Butler Eyecare in Lebanon can help you. Contact us for any optometry care, questions, or for more information. Our number is (417) 991-3200.

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