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At Butler Eyecare, we have many patients that suffer from a chronic condition known as dry eye syndrome. While the care for dry eyes can be remedied in several steps, if left untreated, the condition will worsen. It is a progressive syndrome that isn't entirely curable, yet our optometrist has several methods of treatment to provide relief and sharper vision for your eyes over the course of manageability. 

There are a number of dry eye causes, and unless we get to the root of the problem, your fuzzy vision and inability to focus persists. Lubricating eye drops offer temporary relief, but our optometry services are here to take it a step further.

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Dry Eye Treatments

We encourage you to follow your optometrist's recommendation and guidelines in order to reap the benefits of dry eye therapy. Finding a solution requires diligence and patience during your treatment, and adherence to the following:

  1. Artificial Tears - If you are staring at a computer screen or your phone all day and your vision becomes tired and blurry, we suggest you administer one or two over-the-counter lubricant eye drops to attain comfort. There are several varieties sold in major drug stores, and depending on the thickness of the drops that suit your eyes best, these are the choices to make and have handy next to your workspace.
  2. Steroid Eye Drops - Your optometrist may recommend these short-term management eye drops which help inflammation and redness. Steroid eye drops get absorbed more quickly and offer help with the frequent burning or dry eye syndrome. It's important to discuss usage of this remedy with an optometrist prior to using it, as your optometrist will want to thoroughly check over your health history before suggesting a steroid solution.
  3. Warm Compresses A simple, soft washcloth soaked with warm water is an extremely comforting treatment for dry eyes. Warm compresses stimulate blood flow to the eyes and unclog glands in the eyes' membrane. Applying to closed eyelids for 10 minutes at a time, twice daily works best.
  4. Nutritional Supplements - Your optometrist may include a holistic eye care treatment that shows any dietary insufficiencies from the inside out. Supplements and foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids (salmon, herring, sardines) are one way to decrease dry eye syndrome. There are several others to add to your diet as well.

The above are handful of treatments we recommend for your dry eyes. If you suspect your condition worsening, let us know.

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Get relief now. Contact our friendly Lebanon staff for an appointment today. We are ready to calm your dry eyes and maintain your eye health. We can we reached at 417-991-3200.

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