Eye and Vision Exam FAQs

At Butler Eye Care in Lebanon, MO, we offer a range of eye care services, including eye exams, vision correction, and testing for common eye diseases. We offer same-day appointments and emergency care when needed. 

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What is an Eye Exam?

An eye exam measures your vision and overall eye health, allowing your optometrist to discover any eye diseases, including glaucoma, cataracts, and eye coordination problems, as well as problems with your vision.

What is a Vision Exam?

A vision exam is a component of a complete eye exam. During this exam, the optometrist will measure your visual acuity, allowing them to discover vision problems, including nearsightedness or myopia, astigmatism, and farsightedness.

How Often Do I Need an Eye Exam?

How often you need an eye exam depends on a few factors. Those with healthy eyes and eyesight generally need an eye exam every two years. If you wear glasses or contacts, you should get an eye exam yearly. Seniors over 60 years of age should get an annual eye exam as well.

How Can I Prepare for an Eye Exam?

Before your eye exam, write down any questions you have for the optometrist. If you are experiencing any vision issues, write these down as well. This allows you to discuss any questions or concerns you have with your optometrist. If you are taking any medications or have a vision correction prescription, you'll need to bring your prescription as well.

Will My Eyes be Dilated During My Eye Exam?

Your optometrist may need to dilate your eyes during a comprehensive eye exam, but it isn't always necessary. Generally, if you are 60 or over, you'll need your eyes dilated every two years during your exam. If you are African American or Latinx, you may need dilation every two years once you reach 40 years old. If you are experiencing symptoms that can indicate a serious eye condition, you may also need your eyes dilated. Your optometrist will let you know ahead of time if they plan to dilate your eyes. If they do, you'll need someone to drive you home after the procedure.

What Tests are Performed During a Comprehensive Eye Exam?

We've already discussed some of the tests you'll undergo during a comprehensive eye exam. These include a visual acuity test and possibly eye dilation. Your optometrist will also perform an eye coordination and movement test, eye pressure test, and depth perception test.

Eye and Vision Exams at Butler Eye Care

If you need optometry services in Lebanon, contact Butler Eye Care. Our optometrist is here to meet all your vision needs, including eye and vision exams, vision correction, and emergency eye care. Call our team today at (417) 991-3200 to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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