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Millions of people wear eyeglasses, but there are many who don't wear their eyeglasses enough, or who are just wearing a pair that is wrong for their eyes. Those who need eyeglasses to see correctly should visit a doctor of optometry regularly in order to make sure they have the right pair of glasses.

While the biggest advantage of wearing glasses is the fact that it allows you to see the way you want, it can't be denied that eyeglasses play a big role in fashion. Many high-end designers have gotten in on the eyeglasses frames game, but it takes more than a popular name attached to your eyeglasses to make you look good. You need to make sure the shape of your frames is compatible with your face in order for the best look.


Common Face Shapes and Eyeglasses Recommendations

The most common face shapes are square, oval, oblong, round, heart, base-down triangle, and diamond, and the best glasses frames complement these face shapes. Further recommendation is also available based on factors such as skin tone as well. Some common guidelines include

Square faces have a broad forehead and strong jawline. Frames with a curved shape can help to make the face look a bit longer. Oval faces are considered more balanced, diamond or rectangular shaped frames look good. Cat eye glasses are popular, and work best with a base-down triangle shape, with a narrow forehead and full cheeks or a diamond-shaped face with high cheekbones.

Of course, it can be hard it to determine these traits in yourself, and the staff at Butler Eyecare is always happy to help with your selection in any way we can, allowing you to try on as many frames as you need to in order to pick out the pair that is right for you.

Eyeglass Frames Durability

In addition to looking great, it is also important that frames are durable, especially if they are to be worn by children or athletes who may be a little hard on their glasses. If you are active or expect to need a little extra durability to your frames, be sure to discuss this with our eye doctor and staff, and we can help you select frames that can take whatever your life dishes out.

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