Eye Allergies

While itchy eyes are a hallmark symptom of eye allergies, Lebanon, MO, residents might be surprised to learn there's more to this condition than meets the eye. Here, we explore some lesser-known facts about eye allergies and how to manage them. If you are interested in eye care from an eye doctor near you or an optometrist near you, we are here to provide the optometry services you are looking for.

Eye Allergies

Eye Allergies Aren't Just Seasonal

Sure, pollen counts spike in spring and fall, triggering allergy attacks for many, but dust mites, pet dander, and even certain cosmetics can be year-round irritants. Understanding your unique triggers is key to controlling your symptoms.

Itchy Eyes Don't Always Mean Allergies

Dry eye, a condition where your eyes lack sufficient lubrication, can mimic allergy symptoms like redness, irritation, and tearing. Consulting an optometrist near you can help ensure an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

OTC Medications Might Not Be Enough

Over-the-counter (OTC) eye drops can offer temporary relief, but for persistent or severe cases, prescription medications might be necessary for long-term control.

Rubbing Makes It Worse

The instinctive urge to rub itchy eyes can worsen irritation and potentially damage your cornea. Opt for a compresses or artificial tears for soothing relief instead.

Underlying Conditions Can Lurk Beneath

Certain eye conditions, like blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids), can sometimes masquerade as allergies. An eye doctor near you can identify these and recommend suitable treatment.

Don't Let Allergies Steal Your Vision

Left untreated, eye allergies can impact your daily life and even lead to complications like corneal ulcers. Seeking professional help may becrucial for optimal eye health and comfort.

Get Eye Allergy Treatment and Itchy Eye Treatment from an Optometrist Near You for Your Eye Allergies

At Butler Eyecare in Lebanon, MO, our experienced optometrist offers eye care, including diagnosis and treatment of eye allergies. We can help you identify your triggers, develop a personalized treatment plan, and ensure your eyes stay comfortable and healthy year-round. Don't let itchy eyes hold you back from enjoying life. Contact our team at Butler Eyecare today and schedule an appointment to reclaim clear vision and lasting comfort. Call us at (417) 991-3200 for eye allergy treatment and itchy eye treatment from an eye doctor near you for your eye allergies.

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