Eye Allergies

Whether you suffer from seasonal or perennial eye allergies, having itchy, swollen eyes can cause discomfort and even make you feel miserable. But, there are treatments our optometrist can recommend to help ease your irritated eyes. Here at Butler Eyecare in Lebanon, we offer optometry care and have served the Lebanon Township community and the surrounding areas of Camdenton, St. Robert and Marshfield for 14 years.

eye allergies

Types of Eye Allergies

When spring is in the air, many people experience seasonal allergies due to irritating airborne substances, such as pollen from grasses and trees. Seasonal allergies can last through the summer and, for some people, all year round.

Perennial allergies can occur at any time and are triggered by irritants like pet dander, dust, certain cosmetics or cigarette smoke. Oftentimes, the irritant is obvious, such as when you’re around a neighbor’s cat. However, discovering what’s causing your allergies may require tests given during a visit to your eye doctor.

Causes of Eye Allergies

Eye allergies occur when your immune system overacts to irritants, such as pollen, and creates antibodies, causing your eyes to release histamine. Then, you end up with unpleasant symptoms like itchy, watery eyes. At times, your eyes may experience soreness, swollen eye, burning, and light sensitivity.

It’s best to avoid your triggers as much as possible. When pollen counts are high, for example, stay indoors, close the windows, and turn on the air conditioner. Wear glasses if you must go outside, and always use your car air conditioning system.

Optometry Treatments

For mild eye allergies, you can soothe your eyes by using a saline rinse, which can help to wash away the allergen. Placing a cool, damp washcloth over your eyes can also give you relief and temporarily help with dry eyes. Natural remedies, such as Allium cepe, may alleviate allergy symptoms, but consult with our optometrist before using these remedies.

The treatments for eye allergies are similar to those for nasal allergies. There are medications available for both short- and long-term relief. Oral antihistamines are often helpful, although they can make the eyes dry. Decongestants, such as Sudafed, may also provide relief.

Depending on the severity of your allergies, you may find over-the-counter medications useful or you may need a prescription treatment. Our eye doctor may also recommend an allergy shot if your eye allergies are severe.

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At Butler Eyecare in Lebanon, we can treat your eye allergies to help relieve uncomfortable symptoms, such as burning, itchy eyes. Optometrist Dr. Cylinda Butler serves the Lebanon Township community and the surrounding areas of Camdenton, St. Robert and Marshfield with the highest quality of optometry care. Call us at (417) 991-3200 or visit us online to schedule an appointment today.

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